Aadhaar Enabled Payment System


Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) is a sort of installment framework that depends
on the Unique Identification Number and permits Aadhaar card holders to
consistently make money related exchanges through Aadhaar-based confirmation.
The AEPS framework plans to enable all areas of the general public by making budgetary
and saving money administrations accessible to all through Aadhaar. AEPS is only an
Aadhaar-empowered installment framework through which you can exchange reserves,
influence installments, to store money, influence withdrawals, to make enquiry about bank
adjust, and so forth. AEPS enables clients to make installments utilizing their
Aadhaar number and by giving Aadhaar confirmation at purpose of
Sale (PoS) or smaller scale ATMs .


Bharat Bill Payment System


Bharat Bill Payment System facilitates the installment of bills and enhances the security and speed
of bill pay. The administration is accessible in different installment modes, on the web and
through a system of specialists. A moment affirmation is produced for the bill installments.
The BBPS will change the general public from money to electronic installment framework
making it less reliant on money .Currently you can pay charge for Utility (Gas, power, water, DTH) .




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Single Sim Recharge

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Bill Payments

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